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Good use of #androidwear  indeed :)

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We are excited to announce the launch of our very first Android Wear app. With Bring! Shopping list for Android Wear you always have your hands free to put the stuff you buy in the shopping cart. Furthermore, you can share your grocery list with your family or flatmates.

Looking forward for your feedback! The app is free.

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I learned the hard way how to design for almost every platform out there. Today I’m releasing something that I really hope will help anybody who wants to learn more about the challenges of multi-DPI design: The Designer’s Guide to DPI

This is something I wish I had when I started. The few people at Google who read it (designers and non designers) found it very interesting so why not make it public. 

Any feedback is very welcome. I sincerely hope it will be useful.

5 Self-Improvement Tips You Didn’t Know Mario Taught You
Your mom said you were wasting time playing Nintendo, and she might have been right. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything from Super Mario Bros. My colleague Dave showed you how video games can make you a better person. So, here are a few things you probably learned from Mario specifically without even noticing. Success…

Putting your APKs on diet

Summer (for some of us) is getting to an end. You have spent time losing weight? So why not continue your hard with … the weight of your APKs?!? I have finally found time to wrote about some tips and tricks you can use to reduce the file size of an APK and why it is important to ensure your APKs have the smallest weight as possible.

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